We make sure all the items we sell to our customers are durable and have no manufacturing defects.As valued customers, if you discover any manufacturing defect in the product purchased from us, do not hesitate to contact us and we will fix the product or issue a new one if necessary. Products which have no available replacements will be substituted with similar items. If you prefer a refund of money paid for the product, we will make a full refund. Order purchased from our website can be return and refund within 14 days after the order is delivered, after 14 days, refund is not automatic; OKEUS will look into your request and will respond to your request. The company will check the real condition of the returned product and, if it has manufacturing defects, we will contact you without delay. You will be informed whether the product needs paid repair services or any other available options. 

We would like you to know that each item we manufacture has its unique appearance, visible or hidden properties, and colour. Our skilled craftsmen produce gemstones in various appealing sizes and shapes to create slight differences in products, with each product looking special when compared with others. These features and designs are part of the process in manufacturing gemstones. Customers, therefore, should not see them as manufacturing defects.

Complimentary Cleaning and Inspection Services on Jewellery

Cleaning and maintenance of your jewellery is necessary to prevent possible loss of stone and to enhance the durability of the product. We inspect jewelries free to all OKEUS customers, but we charge some amount for the cleaning of your jewellery. The cost of cleaning is available on request. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. OKEUS bears the cost of return shipping. We recommend having your jewellery cleaned and inspected every six months.

Conditions and Exclusions

OKEUS manufacturer warranty and complimentary services are for customers who purchase products covered by the agreement only. Products not listed under warranty are not included. However, any tampering or repairs made outside OKEUS nullifies the manufacturer warranty agreement. The customer bears the blame and cost of damage.

Beautiful jewellery such as rings can be affected by wear or any form of abuse due to carelessness on the part of the user. OKEUS has no provision for damage caused by natural wear, abuse, loss of the item, or theft. If jewellery gets damaged due to an unwillingness to use our inspection and cleaning services, OKEUS manufacturer warranty does not cover such negligence. Common issues not considered as manufacturing defects are:

- Change of colour of product due to contact with chemicals, makeup, hot tubs and swimming pools.

- Natural wear of prongs and precious metal which occurs as a result of prolonged use of the item. Such item usually requires restoration services to bring it back to its original state. 

- Loss of stone on the jewellery due to regular use or natural wear.

Loss of stone caused by falling heavy object or breakage by natural wear.

 Customers must take note of the above instructions and be on the safer side. OKEUS values its customers and will keep providing quality and durable products and services.

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